Glimpse Magazine

Retro pin-up photographer Tony Nylons wanted to re-launch and re-brand his pin-up themed magazine ‘Nylon Flash’ as ‘Peek!’. After discussing the project with him and looking through his preliminary ideas for the look of the magazine I created a new logo for Peek! and a visual style for the cover and feature layouts inspired by mens magazines from the 1950s.

I decided to photo shop some of Tony’s favourite pin-up shots, converting them into black and white and then adding false colour to the images in a similar way to some of the images I’d seen in the vintage magazines I’d been researching. I used this effect on the magazine cover and web banner to create an eye catching, but appropriately retro graphic look.

Extremely pleased with my initial designs, Tony brought me on board as Art Director for Peek! – I have subsequently produced all the page layouts and design material for issue 1, 2 and 3, with issue 4 soon to be in production.

Tony decided to re-name the magazine ‘Glimpse’ from issue 2 onwards, and the reworked logo can be seen on the later issue covers in this album.

(All design content © Miranda Barrie 2010)

Tony Nylons Publications

Magazine layout, logo design, retro design, vintage typography, art direction